iX3 Off Road Electric Scooter 800W

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iX3 800W


Motor Capacity

45 KM

Max Range

40 KM/H

Top Speed

48 V 10Ah

Battery Capacity

6-7 Hours

Charging Time

120 KG

Max Load





Speed And Climbing Power

The 800-watt brushless motors provide a top speed of 40 km/h and the ability to climb steep inclines.

Upgraded 10Ah Battery

Powering Your Journey with a 10Ah Battery for up to 45km of Thrilling Exploration

Minirobot App Supported

Total control at your fingertips: customize speed, lights, power, and modes with the app

Unstoppable On Any Surface

Experience the ultimate ride with the ix3's 10-Inch off road pneumatic tires for superior traction and comfort

LED Display with Multi-function Console

Smart LCD meter, improved night visibility, you could find speed, indicator of battery, headlight,total mileage, etc,Built-in fault self-detection, you also could determine the fault by parameter code.

Tailored for Your Comfort

The ix3's Adjustable Stem Height, Ranging from 113cm to 134cm, Accommodates Various Heights for a Personalized Riding Experience

Fold in 3 Easy Steps

Carry it on public transportation, store it in your car and any destination you desire effortlessly.

Illuminate Your Path with the LED Lighting System

The iX3 revolutionizes nighttime riding with powerful headlights and braking lights, ensuring 360-Degree visibility for your safety.

Elevate Your Ride with Dual Hydraulic Shock Absorption

Experience Unrivaled Smoothness and Safety on the ix3, as Front and Rear Suspension Unleash Effortless Maneuverability, Even Around Corners.

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Motor Power

350W 500W 800W 800W 1600W


8.5 inch Honeycomb Tires 10 inch Honeycomb Tires 10 inch Pneumatic Tires 11 inch Pneumatic Tires 10 inch Off Road Tires

Maximum Load

120KG 120KG 120KG 150KG 200KG

Product Weight

13KG 16KG 22KG 24KG 29KG

Maximum Speed

25KM/H 32KM/H 40KM/H 45KM/H 45KM/H

Maximum Range

28KM 35KM 45KM 45KM 50KM

Suspension Type

Front & Rear Dual Suspensions Front & Rear Dual Suspensions Front & Rear Dual Suspensions Front & Rear Dual Suspensions

Support APP

Scooter Bag


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Customer Reviews

Based on 152 reviews
Mykhailo Vorona
You have a great company. I've been using the scooter for about a month now and haven't found any...

I am very grateful to you for such a scooter. This scooter is simply the best purchase in my life:) Thank you, you made me happy.

Jacques Lachapelle
Super produit

Heureux propriétaire d'un ISINWHEEL IX3
Super produit, rapide et efficace
Très bon service après vente
Merci a Nancy ainsi qu'à toute l'équipe d'ISINWHEEL
Jacques Lachapelle

joey muniz
iX3 E-Scooter | Best Value For Price

This is my first electric scooter, this is by far my favorite gift. I have an e-bike triple the price of this one yet this is my favorite form of transportation to take with me since it’s a lot easier to carry around & it doesn’t take up much space. The suspension is alittle bit tight but nothing too bad just be careful when going fast on bumps & hills. You could easily go 40KM/H without a problem. The blinker lights are a nice feature too it does very well in low light settings! Ill be posting an unboxing video and review on my YouTube channel soon👀

Adelfo S.
Stable ride

Fun scooter, love the way it folds down and even the handlebars fold down, this is my first ever scooter and I love it. No issues with anything about it. Was so easy to just jump on and go for never riding one before.

Very fun and great in all terrain!!

We use this scooter for the whole family. From my husband to all the kids, we all enjoy the scooter. It works great even on bumpy dirt roads. Very power and long lasting battery life.

Evan Berdahl

I have been pleasantly surprised with i scooter IX3 is fun, fast smart and safe great for riding long distances and just for a short commute. Battery life is outstanding!!!! it also does really well on hills acceleration is great and I love it’s overall performance. Scooter works really well at night and has a horn for safety measures!! Overall, this is a great scooter, and it has a great price for what you’re going to get in the package. I would highly recommend!!! BEST GIFT EVER!

Worth it!!

Super duper fassst!! Didn’t expect it will be this much and i like the quality and matt color itself!! 😍😍😍

Good 5+

I bought my first Iscooter scooter and I want to say that I didn’t expect this; it is very fast and also easy to control. The scooter itself is tall, which allows you to ride not only around the city but also easily off-road. I left only good impressions for the first scooter. It is suitable for all people who decided to try riding a scooter. This line of scooter has good autonomy up to 50 km/h and good speed up to 42 km/h. I liked it. And also the build quality of materials is at a good level for such a price.

Sophia B.
Value for money.

A decent scooter for an entry level. Very accurate product description. Scooter is quite handy for city commuters. 👌👌

Stephen Madacsi

I did get my promised gloves a couple weeks after I received my scooter, thanks! I appreciate it.

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