iSinwheel S9MAX 500W Electric Scooter Adult

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Motor Capacity

35 KM

Max Range

32 KM/H

Top Speed

42 V 10Ah

Battery Capacity

4-6 Hours

Charging Time

120 KG

Max Load





USB Charging

The USB charging port on the

handlebars means that you can charge your phone anytime and anywhere

Smart App Control

Connect S9MAX with app

through Bluetooth to customize your max speed, cruise control, etc easily

3 Seconds to Fold

S9 max collapses for easy storage in car trunks and other compact spaces

Front and Rear Dual Suspension

The front and rear dual suspension can ensure safety and comfort even on bumpy roads

500W Brushless Motor

isinwheel Electric Scooter S9MAX strives to reach new heights of performance with the BDLC

10 Ah Capacity Battery

With upgraded battery, electric scooter will reach a maximum range of 35 KM and a speed of 32KM/H

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Motor Power

350W 500W 800W 800W 1600W


8.5 inch Honeycomb Tires 10 inch Honeycomb Tires 10 inch Pneumatic Tires 11 inch Pneumatic Tires 10 inch Off Road Tires

Maximum Load

120KG 120KG 120KG 150KG 200KG

Product Weight

13KG 16KG 22KG 24KG 29KG

Maximum Speed

25KM/H 32KM/H 40KM/H 45KM/H 45KM/H

Maximum Range

28KM 35KM 45KM 45KM 50KM

Suspension Type

Front & Rear Dual Suspensions Front & Rear Dual Suspensions Front & Rear Dual Suspensions Front & Rear Dual Suspensions

Support APP

Scooter Bag


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Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Amazing ride BUT???

So I have been scootering for about 6 months this is my second scooter my first was an evercross ev08. This s9max is a huge step up but.. there are a few things I don't like 1st is the sine wave or sinewave style controller the initial acceleration is garbage I have a request into isinwheel to see if there is a fix for this but I just putt it in so I need to give them time to answer. 2nd thing I dislike is the electronic brake. I would get the same stopping power from passing against the wind. Again I just got it have put 15 miles on it so these are likely fixable. Finally and keep in mind these are pet peeves nothing here is a deal breaker. The 3rd thing is I ride year round so here in Red Deer Alberta Canada it snows its minus 40 Celsius its the basic idea you could picture if he'll had frozen over it would look like an alberta winter. So the roads are dirty and the snow and ice is melting so you are constant hitting wet dirty spots and the front fender does a great job but I am not kidding if the back springs weren't compressed at all I think the back fender would ve fine but as it is I am 255# and 6'1" and I get spray up my back and on my napsack. Not a lot but enough it's annoying to say the least and it's gross and muddy on my 500 dollar wool overcoat it's annoying to say the least but I will check maybe they have a fix. Again lighter riders might not experience this. And finally going down fairly steep hills it holds at 19 mph that's it my evercross would get up to 40 mph and it was rated for 15 coming down the hills and I miss that because riding in the slow lane I still deal with complaining from cars behind me unfortunately. Again maybe they hav3 a fix ill keep you posted and yes buy one the ride is amazing you wouldn't guess in a million years there is no air in the tires I actually think it rides better than pneumatic tires. Thanks Isinwheel I do love the product and hopefully I get my pet peeves fixed they seem super nice at isinwheel on the phone. Oh the headlight was a little loose but the multi tool they give you tightened it right up super happy with the scooter would definitely recomend

Good quality scooter

I really liked this scooter, and the customer service of Isinwheel is awesome.

Victor J.
Very nice

I got the isimwheel S9 Max about a month ago. And i use it everyday for work cuz u just work near by. And so far had no problem with it rides great. So stable and super fast. Get to work very fast. Beats walking. I would really recommend this one for you guys. Battery last a long time. Easy to carry and fold and unfold. The app helps a lot if you need to go in to a store. U can lock it by the app.overall im very satisfied with this scooter. Dont have to spend alot of money on gas yo get to work and back.

B Hartman
Great buy!

Well built machine. Lots of fun. Easy for a woman to lift into a vehicle, but not carry anywhere. A suggestion would be training wheels for pulling it behind you if needing to be taken anywhere. Goes up a good gradual 20 degree grade. The pouch is great for carrying your phone or other stuff.

michael m.
Good value

Absolutely great a joy to ride & Handles really well Highly recommended. Good value for money.

Sorthi Jigar

Nice Scooter I like

S9 Max improvements push it to Best In Class = 2023’s Best Commuter E-Scooter

Having owned and utilized an Isinwheel S9 Pro over the past 6 months, utilizing it to commute in Manhattan (NYC), the new S9 MAX offers thoughtful enhancements that cement its place as one the Best, if not the Best Commuter Escooter of 2023! Smartly, the R&D team have upgraded the wheels (10” rubber with lager cushioning holes), front shocks, larger battery and power output (speed/distance without charge), easier stem lock, longer kickstand, electric brake, yet kept the overall design intact. Easy to put together (4 screws), manual , tools, storage bin, quick start guide included. I’ve included photos of the unboxing, and also images of the S9 Pro vs S9 Max. I’ve owned several escooters including HiBoy S2 Pro and Glion Dolly, commuting by train between NY/NJ; the Isinwheel S9 MAX is the sturdiest, lightest, fastest, most reliable, and Best Priced E-scooter on the market today!!!

Miguelangel Pezzotti

I had a little issue and they help me right away,they have phenomenal customer service and by all means great quality scooters,I recommend a lot S9 MAX model it’s a beast! thanks again Isinwheel

Dante Henderson
The Best Purchase!!

I love my S9 Max 500W. It’s a great alternative for going to the store and getting around locally. I travel a lot for work and this scooter is perfect for those trips when I don’t really need a rental car.


Was very pleased with the product

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