i9 Foldable Commuting Electric Scooter 350W

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i9 28KM
i9 28KM *2(Best Deals)


Motor Capacity

28 KM

Max Range

25 KM/H

Top Speed

36 V 7.5Ah

Battery Capacity

3-5 Hours

Charging Time

120 KG

Max Load





LED Display

With a clear and bright LED dashboard, you can see the battery level, speed, and ride mode functions more clearly, enjoying your ride based on your needs.

Take Your i9 scooter Anywhere

With its lightweight and easy-folding design, you can take your i9 electric scooter anywhere: on an elevator or public transportation, stored in your workplace or at home, or tucked away in the trunk of your car.

8.5 Inches Honeycomb Tire

An excellent riding experience starts with the tires. The i9 electric scooter comes with tires of 8.5 inches. These tires are puncture-proof, maintenance-free, and provide better shock absorption capability.

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Motor Power

350W 500W 800W 800W 1200W


8.5 inch Honeycomb Tires 10 inch Honeycomb Tires 10 inch Pneumatic Tires 11 inch Pneumatic Tires 12 inch Pneumatic Tires

Maximum Load

120KG 120KG 120KG 150KG 180KG

Product Weight

13KG 16KG 22KG 24KG 25KG

Maximum Speed

25KM/H 34KM/H 40KM/H 45KM/H 45KM/H

Maximum Range

28KM 35KM 45KM 45KM 60KM

Suspension Type

Front & Rear Dual Suspensions Front & Rear Dual Suspensions Front & Rear Dual Suspensions

Support APP

Scooter Bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Florentino calderon
Awesome, FUN Scooter – My Go-To Ride to EXPLORE Places!

After tirelessly searching for a reliable electric scooter at an affordable price point, my quest finally led me to the remarkable iScooter i9. From its effortless assembly to experiencing its exceptional power and top-notch quality, I couldn't be more pleased with my decision. Choosing isinwheel has proven to be a game-changer – each ride is an exhilarating adventure, making every journey an absolute blast!

Alexandre Bellemare
This one is a bargain

For that price, you get a lot. Enough speed, enough range and nothing to worry about. No shocks, no inflatable tires, etc. Jack of all trades for commuting (work, grocery, bus stops)

Jasn P
Light and fast

It was a graduation gift for my son. He likes it a lot. Its not too heavy and goes fast.🥰 Him and his brother uses it to go to stores. They were riding it around the park for about an hour and it still had 20% battery left. My only problem was it wouldnt connect to my sons phone through the app even though it shows on the bluetooth list. It connected to my phone though so it maybe just picky with devices it connects to. 😅 Still a very nice purchase.

Heavy Duty

I am amazed by the performance of this electric scooter. It is the perfect size for adults. Very sturdy and durable. It has a 8.5 inch wheel size and a handlebar that is located at a comfortable level. It can withstand my husband's weight, just over 220 pounds with no problem, even on hills. This scooter certainly has some get up and go. I am very happy with it’s power, it has a 350 watt motor, it operates very quietly. The electric power will allow you to go a little over 18 miles on one charge. I think this scooter is great for a leisure stroll or if you are commuting a further distance to work even then 15 miles per hour will get you there in a very timely manner. The display provides the speed, speed modes, battery life and headlight. It even has an app I can use on my phone to view these features. The headlight gives me a sense of security as it will reflect light from a far distance. There are so many great features on this e-scooter. The long lasting battery life is certainly a perk. It can be charged quite fast as well, 3-4 hours for a full charge. It also folds in half which makes it great for when going to work. I can tell it right into the office with me and not worry about it being taken.

Great investment

I love this thing. Puting it together: Honestly they didnt give any directions really. I just kinda put the handle bar in place and screwed it in. *I think that's all you have to do but idk* When it came the lock that keeps it folded was broke after a couple uses but Amazon refunded me so I'll just buy a bag to carry it in *even if the lock worked id probably still buy on because it's kinda awkward to carry* it's not that heavy but I would not try carrying it to far because 1. It's awkward to hold like i said 2. It will get very heavy after a while.
Amazing for college, what was a 20 minute walk is now a 5 minute ride. Honestly so glad I got this and I'm gonna doordash around campus with this. Battery life is really good, not the best up steep hills but it tries. Be careful over bumps or messed up sidewalks. Highly recommend for college kids!

Eric Mayer
The Real Deal

Daughter needed something to get around the College campus her freshman year. Far exceeded my expectations for build quality and features. Durable enough to go anywhere yet lightweight for her to carry inside to some of her lectures. Well deserved 5 stars. Also had my brother check it out as he was looking for something to get around on while his Tesla is hooked up to a charging station in the city.

Marcovalerio Melis
Excellent quality product.

Delighted with the quality, the instruction manual was very easy to understand and also covered road/ pedestrian safety advice. Product was very well packed for transport delivery was speedy

Kirsty Jenner
Customer service exceptional

Absolute 100% customer service speedy delivery product in perfect condition.

Almarie Gentryy
Honestly better than the ones you rent !

The shipping was fast and came with no damage. First I would like to point out that where I am from you can rent these kind of scooters for down town use. They are very expensive and within a two week use of the scooters I used to rent I’d easily pay around $150. Sometimes more. So being able to get this scooter has saved me so much money. Then there’s the speed of the scooter the MPH are exactly as described. As you can see in the video. Also it folds for compact storage which is really great because I have a smaller home and I’m able to tuck it away and not take any extra space. I like the bell so I can warm others if I’m in their way or if they become in my way. It’s very safe for others as a warning and also to myself. The kick stand is nice no wobbling and doesn’t fall easily. Very secure. I’m trying to make sure I cover all the grounds for you guys in this review, the digital mph screen is so helpful. And the S for different speeds. I think one is for a max speed of 15 mph and the other is for 25 mph. The distance on ONE charge is true and I was worried it wouldn’t last that long but surprisingly it lasted a little longer. I would definitely recommend getting one if you commute for fun or for socializing or even for work in a city or a downtown area and even just for getting around anywhere ! So versatile. And such a fun little way to get around. It’s an inexpensive way to commute and will save you so much money rather than renting the ones they have to rent in areas these are regularly used. And saves even more on gas because gas prices are sky high these days. I recommend no doubt !

Bang for your buck!!!

I've been using this scooter for two weeks now, and I must say it's been absolutely fantastic. Initially, when I was considering purchasing it, there were no reviews on the product page, which made me a bit apprehensive. However, with the available discount coupons, I finally decided to give it a shot. After two weeks of usage, I can confidently say that all my worries were completely unnecessary.

Upon receiving the scooter, assembly was a breeze. The scooter's head needed to be attached, and they provided all the necessary tools in the packaging. With just a few twists of screws on the front and back, it was set up in no time. The build quality of the scooter impressed me - it felt meticulously crafted and structurally sound, ensuring a safe and reliable experience.

Usage-wise, the scooter is incredibly straightforward. The head features a display panel with a button. Holding down the button powers on the scooter, and another long press shuts it off. The displayed number indicates the speed, while the small squares below depict the remaining battery life. The 'S' icon at the top turns orange in high-speed mode, allowing speeds up to 15 mph. Double-clicking the button switches to safety mode, indicated by a green 'S', capping the speed at 10 mph. A single press of the button activates the headlight, which illuminates about 50 feet ahead during nighttime rides.

The throttle is positioned near the right handlebar grip, pressing it downward accelerates the scooter. If you're new to electric scooters, I recommend starting in safety mode to get accustomed to the ride, as it offers a more manageable speed. Remember to slightly lower and shift your weight backward while riding and lean back when braking to maintain stability; otherwise, you might tilt forward due to imbalance. After holding a consistent speed for about 7-8 seconds, the scooter enters cruise control mode. Releasing the throttle keeps the scooter cruising at that speed. To exit this mode, lightly tap the brake or press the throttle.The scooter is foldable, taking up minimal space. You simply need to lift the folding latch and fold the frame – a very straightforward process. You can carry it onto the bus or put it into the storage compartment.

Regarding battery life, I mainly use this scooter for my daily commute to school. The route includes a 2.3-mile ride to the bus stop, which takes about 12 minutes. From there, I ride to the library for classes, covering 0.4 miles. This round trip totals around 5.4 miles. Considering my weight, backpack, helmet, and lock, totaling around 176 pounds, I can make three round trips on a full charge, equating to approximately 16 miles. Keep in mind that individual weights vary, affecting the scooter's range, but if you're significantly heavier, I wouldn't recommend this scooter. A full charge takes around 4.5 hours. Additionally, I encounter a small incline on my way to the library, and the scooter tackles it effortlessly.

If you're looking for an affordable solution for short commutes, I highly recommend this scooter. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with this product and would gladly recommend it to my friends.

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