Q: When you let go of throttle does it keep going or does it stop?

A: When you hold down the throttle for about 5 seconds, it will engage the cruise control, which will be accompanied by a soft beep. You can then let go of the throttle and you will continue on at a constant speed. Press the throttle again or tap the brake to disengage the cruise control.

Q:How does this perform on a dirt and rock trail?

A: Great. I really haven’t found a surface that it can’t handle yet, stairs perhaps, although I can hop up curbs that are maybe 4”

Q: Can you pass 40KM/H? If so is it within the app?

A: Top speed of this electric scooter is 40KM/H, it can't pass 40KM/H within the app. Whether the top speed of the electric scooter is fast or slow depends on the specific usage scenario and the requirements of the rider.

Q: Does this have cruise control and is the handlebar height measured from the ground or the deck? Also, what are the dimensions of the deck?

A: iX3 e-scooter support cruise control. The adjustable handlebar height (113-134 cm ) measured from the ground. And the dimensions of the deck is 55x21cm.

Q: How can i limit speed?

A: Download the 'MiniRoBot' App on phone and connect to your iX3 electric scooter, to set the limited speed in setting.

Q: What is the folding size?

A: The folding size of iX3 is 120*20*50 CM.