Q: Is there an optional seat available for GT2?

A: Of course, we can check the link below:https://www.isinwheel.ca/products/isinwheel-adjustable-seat-for-gt2-electric-scooter

Q: How to install the seat with GT2 Off Road Electric Scooter?

A:Here is a video of installing the seat for your reference:

Q: My battery doesn’t last long / short range

A: Just like electric cars, electric scooter range can be affected by many different factors.

For example, electric cars have a maximum range but going up steep hills, adding more weight / passengers or driving fast will all contribute to faster battery usage and therefore a reduction in the true range achieved.
8.isinwheel electric scooter range claims are based upon standard testing regulations with a 160 lbs rider at 25 degrees Celsius on a stable surface.

Q: How to tighten the handle of GT2 Off Road Electric Scooter?

A: You need to tap the handle up, lift it up slightly and pull. If loose, it can be adjusted. Tighten the fold counterclockwise and loosen clockwise.

Q: Change the battery of GT2 Electric Scooter

A: Remove the foot support and open the bottom cover.
Disconnect the battery cable, replace the battery with a new one, and test whether it is normal after starting up
3. Install the bottom cover, install the foot support

Q: Replace the inner tube of GT2 Off Road Electric Scooter

1. Take out the rear wheel (motor wheel) first
         1.1 First remove the foot support
         1.2 Open the bottom cover, disconnect the motor connection wire
         1.3 Remove the brake and take out the motor
2. To replace the inner tube (refer to the video), the inner tube needs to be emptied first, and then the inner tube is replaced.
3. Install the motor, connect the motor line, install the bottom cover after installing the brake, and finally install the foot support.

Q: GT2 Electric Scooter Unboxing and Assembly Video

A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBOuSljcDj8

Q: How do you change display from Kph to mph. when you turn the screen on you can see both , so must be a setting to set for mph

A: press and hold the "M" button on the menu button + the light button for a while to enter the setting mode, when the P01 mode is displayed press the "+" button or the "-" button to switch between the KMH and mph formats.

Q: Can you drive it on the rain is it water proof?

A: Hello, the waterproof grade of isinwheel GT2 electric scooter is IPX4. We do not recommend that the scooter be wet outdoors for a long time.

Q:How does the gt2 electric scooter work the turn signals?

A: you can control the turn signal through the button on the left side of the front of the scooter. This is the latest upgraded safety indicator

Q:Does this scooter fit in the trunk of a carÔľü

A: Hello, GT2 electric scooters are usually in the trunk of the car, the specific size is Unfolded (Length x Width x Height): 48*25*49 IN, Folded (Length x Width x Height):48*8.6*22 IN.